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About us

In September of 2016, I was 260 pounds and miserable! Fed up with being overweight and knowing I had to make a change, I vowed to start taking my diet seriously. Without much knowledge about nutrition, I dove deep in my research about how to change my lifestyle for the better. I scoured the Internet, bought books, and cut out every magazine article I could find on nutrition and healthy recipes.

After many weeks of meal prepping, I crafted a menu that produces significant and relatively quick results, while maintaining one of my primary goals: to not sacrifice taste for function. Knowing there wasn’t a service like this in the Salt Lake Valley, that combined portion control, great tastes, and affordable prices, Elite Meal Prep was born. On January 1st, 2017, we kicked off the new year by opening up our first commercial kitchen, and the rest is history. We’re dedicated to helping others along the path to better nutritional choices, and an overall happier lifestyle.

Paul Arellano
Founder of Elite Meal Prep
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